Dang Stupid Cubs *mumble mumble*

So I’m a bit torn about the world series.
On the one hand, winning 8-7 in the tenth inning, (in a thunderstorm!) after coming back from being 3-1 behind, is suitably epic. And 108 is a pretty nice number (one of the most commonly encountered 3-digit numbers in math).
But on the other hand, well… as a modern adult, I’m not really allowed to believe in magic. But there are always a few weirdly inexplicable things. Wolfgang Pauli died in hospital room #137 (which, aside from being the inverse of the fine structure constant, is the gematria value of the word Kabbalah). There’s the thing with those people who vanished in Siberia, and nominative determinism. And until yesterday, there was the thing where a baseball team that got cursed by a man with a goat would never win the world series.
So now there’s a little less magic in the world. I hope you enjoy your stupid baseball trophy, Chicago.

2 thoughts on “Dang Stupid Cubs *mumble mumble*”

  1. The magic of room #137 seems tenuous, as the fine structure constant is only approximately equal to 1/137. Did he have any specific connections to Kabbalah, or is anything that happens in room #137 automatically Kabbalistic because of the self-supporting Kabbalism of the number 137?


    1. He was pretty excited to find out the Gimmatria Kabbalah thing, and believed in its mysticism pretty hard. When he found out his hospital room was #137, he predicted that he would die there.


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